Will Executor Services

What is the duty of will executor?
  1. It is the primary task and responsibility of the executor to examine and confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of the way in which he exists. The executed will must be legal, true and effective.
  2. Inform the parties to the inheritance relationship; go through the formalities of death certificate, account cancellation, etc. This is a necessary condition for the will to take effect.
  3. Confirm, cleanse, and keep the property of the testator. According to the law and the party's intentions, the scope of the estate, repayment of debts, recovery of claims and other property rights. The reasonable expenses for this expenditure are paid out of the estate.
  4. Convene the heirs, beneficiaries and other relevant parties, declare the will, and give a written report on the status of the estate.
  5. The estate is distributed according to the content of the will, and the inheritance share of the fetus should be preserved when the property is divided.
  6. There is a right to sue for various acts that hinder inheritance; at the same time, it is also obliged to accept the heirs and beneficiaries’ obligation to conduct their own conduct. The executor shall bear the corresponding liability for the loss caused by the executor.